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Isis provides coaching services that help with fear, mental health challenges, boundaries, emotions, co-dependency, identity and connection. We wanted to showcase Isis' unique coaching style in a fun, intimate and inclusive way. Her method is to work alongside you to create healthy boundaries, meaningful relationships and transcend your perception of self. 
The Brand Identity needed to convey safety and intimacy while connecting with a wide variety of people and honing Isis' stand out personality and "no bullshit" coaching style.

Miles Dean Co. worked with Creating Connections on Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design, and a custom Square space website design.

When strategy 




your life

and business


01. Intention

02. strategy

03. Aesthetic

Our Process

We believe success starts with the intertwining of business & heart. It’s time to address who you are and let go of who your’e not so you can move forward in alignment.  

We dig deep, unearthing your truest values and connecting with your authentic audience. When you move forward with intention and awareness, you attract people who value and align with your work. Honoring the greatest version of yourself.

Intentional design is a reflection of your deepest desire and a beautiful depiction of all that your brand can and should be. Become your deepest aspirations and showcase it with breath-taking artistry.

you can Show up

Stand out



in your heart


in your brand.




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