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Nurturing Naturals, born from a passionate mother working to educate and inspire women & their families to live a natural, toxin-free, unhindered life.

Morgan of Nurturing Naturals came to Miles Dean co. in need of a captivating brand & brand identity to appeal to families in search of a guide to a healthier lifestyle.  

We worked together to deepen her brand message and create her visual identity. 

Morgan has a wealth of knowledge in various different areas that are all correlated and together make for a boost in anyone’s health and wellness. Morgan has spent time & money developing her knowledge in health & nutrition and she is eager to share it with the rest of the world.

A mother herself, she cares for her daughter Olive using a comprehensive skill set. She has taken a unique approach to health and wellness, especially focused in prenatal & postnatal care.

In creating her brand we wanted to communicate her knowledge as it encompasses a holistic and organic journey of motherhood in it’s multiple phases. The female body is intrinsically connected to nature. Intertwining the phases of the moon and the phases of the female body beautifully encompasses our innate connection to the natural world. Nurturing Naturals is your first stop as you begin your journey to a natural toxin-free life.

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We believe success starts with the intertwining of business & heart. It’s time to address who you are and let go of who your’e not so you can move forward in alignment.  

We dig deep, unearthing your truest values and connecting with your authentic audience. When you move forward with intention and awareness, you attract people who value and align with your work. Honoring the greatest version of yourself.

Intentional design is a reflection of your deepest desire and a beautiful depiction of all that your brand can and should be. Become your deepest aspirations and showcase it with breath-taking artistry.

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