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Next, download your workbook, deep dive into the vision of your best self, and begin tracking your daily rituals.


Book your 90 minute 1:1 mind mapping session with Hannah! Make sure to complete your workbook prior to this call.

Peaceful money club Welcome Letter

Welcome my friend, 

First of all, Congratulations! You. Are. Here. NOW. You took the courageous step to invest in yourself. I am SO happy you are here. You have made the choice to bring PEACE and MONEY into your life and I am honored to be your guide.

In order to create the abundant life you desire you need to first be willing to acknowledge your limiting beliefs and make room for new and abundant beliefs! 

The number 1 thing that all successful people have in common is that they take the time to understand their habits and they consistently work on shifting their beliefs. You are here because you know you can create the life that you want and you are right. 


Peaceful Money Club Welcome  Form, Calendar, and Slack Invite

Please fill out the welcome form so we can help you achieve your goals for this program.

01. Welcome form

02. LIVE CLASS calendar:

Make sure to add the class schedule to your google calendar so you never miss a beat!

After you fill out your welcome form we will send you an invite to join the community slack channel where we send call announcements, engage with the community, and keep each-other accountable for our goals 

The Workbook

To get started with the Peaceful Money Club we are going to get clear on your financial, personal, and health goals and becoming more aware of how your current lifestyle compares to your dream self. Let's start by visualizing your best self, clarifying your desires, and neutralizing our relationship with our finances!

I have included a PDF and google doc version of this workbook for your convenience :) 

During this 90 minute session we will map out your goals and dreams for yourself throughout the duration of this program. It's gonna be SO much fun cuz it's ALL about YOU! We recommend spending at - least 1 week working on the daily rituals in your workbook so you can send Hannah your completed workbook prior to your call.

You can email your workbook to

That's it for now! Make sure you save the live class schedule to your google calendar. We will have open Q+A after every live class.

Can't make a class? Don't worry! Class recordings will be posted in your member portal.