Transform your company to accomplish your goals in just one week thanks to our devoted team of experts in brand strategy, design, website development, SEO, and social media marketing.

You are passionate about what you offer the world but you struggle actually communicating your message, showing up online, and connecting with those dreamy clients.

You’re not just in it to run a business but rather to live your dream


Let's face it, there is a ton of competition out there.

You need a brand that attracts your people to you. 

You know the people you would want to have a 3-hour coffee date and maybe split a chocolate croissant with type of people? YES. Those people!!

You have the ambition and the talent but now you need…

* A brand built to achieve your goals

* A Website that Converts 

* Competitive SEO (Let’s get you to the top of Google!)

* A Sustainable Marketing Strategy

* Automated Systems that work while you sleep.


Reserve our agency for an entire week!

Collaborate with experts to take your brand to the next level while attracting aligned clients and growing PROFIT. A one-week process in which we develop the brand you've always wanted (only better) and help you transform potential leads into customers absolutely obsessed with you.

During your V.I.P. Week you can choose to have our team focus on any ONE of the packages below: 

1. Brand Identity (logos, fonts, colors)

2. Website Design & Basic SEO (Showit Template/ Squarespace/ Shopify)

3. Brand & Marketing Strategy

4. Social Media Training & 1 Month of Content

5. Maintenance Intensive (fix bugs on site, scheduling set up, product upload, etc.)

No drawn-out questionnaires

No endless revisions

Just you, our close-knit team of latte loving industry experts, and a goal driven strategy that connects you with the clients of your dreams!

ALL done in just one week!

The V.I.P. Week is all about PEACE.

01. You do a little Prep work

02. Our team executes your project.

03. We collaborate on edits & revisions

Okay, but how does it work?

Now that we have a clear direction of your project, our team will work our magic to create your strategized, bold brand.

During our revisions call our team will present your project, we will review the deliverables together, discuss changes, and answer any questions you may have.

You complete a quick questionnaire before we hop on our 30 minute check in call to discuss your goals & agree on an action plan.

04. Training Call - So you can ACTUALLY use your new tools!

During our final meeting on Thursday evening, I will walk you through the ins and outs of your website or deliverables through a virtual training - you will be allowed to ask questions, and the ENTIRE CALL will be recorded and afterwards saved to your Google Drive so you can refer to it whenever you need!

05. After… (We don’t leave you hangin!)

You will have 30 days access to your unique Slack channel starting on the Monday of your first V.I.P. week. This channel is awesome because you will have access to our entire team of experts (SEO, Social Media, etc.)! You are welcome to send us any questions you have pertaining to your project.

Really just 1 week?

YUP! Here is our exact timeline

Monday -
30 min check in call

Wednesday -
Revisions call

Thursday -
Recorded video training for you and your team! 

Friday -
Ready to Launch!

Your not only gonna finish this week with a ready to launch brand BUT also…

* 30 days access to our ENTIRE team to ask questions and receive support within your business

* Clear & tangible business goals.

* CONFIDENCE that you are showcasing a professional, strategic and STUNNING brand

* A new perspective on your business. It always helps to have a set of fresh eyes - especially coming from industry experts in digital marketing!

* a tremendous feeling of relief and calm. No more spending hours googling while trying to D.I.Y. your business. You deserve to invest in help!

* A life-long cheerleader. Now that you have worked with us once we will be SURE to stay connected on social and remind you of your goals. Clients are friends and friends are clients.

* A new sense of courage. Making a worthy investment in your business will give you a rebound sense of ownership as you pave the way on your unique business journey


Timeline: 1 week
( we book 1-3 months out so schedule now )




Here is what past clients have to say:

"From start to finish this company was absolutely fantastic!

Very professional and I received everything that I was needing. My website is looking beyond perfect! I highly recommend Miles Dean CO. for all of your website and branding needs."

- Rowan Diioia of Diioia designs

"the ultimate professional, extremely organized with time & efficiency.

Working with Hannah with Miles Dean co. has been very enlightening and extremely helpful. The work so far has been both smooth and consistent. I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking for branding and website assistance to absolutely work with Hannah"

- Chef Robin Goldstein

"Since working with Hannah, I have had posts go viral and have gained more of a following. This woman knows her stuff, she is extremely skillful, talented, enthusiastic, and committed!

Hannah has been so extremely helpful on my journey with content creation and all things media. She is a rapid responder and I know is always a call, text, or voice memo away. She totally held my hand through the first few months in social media posting that I had no previous experience in and has been so supportive and helpful; She provided me with all the photo content I needed and thoroughly taught me media and hashtag strategy."

- Stephen Dabby on our story & starfish connection

Ready to LOCK IN your V.I.P. week?

Then reserve your spot today with a deposit of just 10% thats only $300!! 

so your saying I can launch my brand or website in just 1 week with a team of experts by my side?  YES YES AND YES!

Brand Strategist

Meet Sierra Sanchez

I am a doctoral student studying to become a clinical psychologist specializing in industrial organizational psychology and assessment and diagnosing of a multitude of mental health disorders. On my off time I love being in nature, practicing yoga, and all things interior design! I am driven by connection with others and value my friends and family alongside my passions for meaningful work.

+ Brand Strategy
+ Marketing Psychology and Assessment



I’m a devoted entrepreneur and fine artist (I paint feminine interior art). I’m obsessed with efficiency, aesthetics, and being my own boss! I enjoy listening to audio books, going to the beach, and baking cookies. I am a fiancé to my love Gabe and a mother of my two-year-old son Miles Dean and a rambunctious puppy. I built my company from the ground up, and I enjoy supporting other ambitious companies in achieving their wildest dreams.

+ Strategy
+ Creative Direction
+ Design
+ Marketing

developer & design

Meet Karen Cabral

I am a brand and web designer living my childhood dream of being an artist, I love my rescue pet child Nala and watching vlogs! When I’m not designing you’ll find me watching old films, looking for art in small things, & listening to chill indie music while painting. One of my cheap thrills is going to a coffee shop and watching the barista make coffee while listening to jazz music. I am a huge mental health advocate and believe in helping those in need.

+ Web Design & Development
+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing & VA

MEET Safron Nicole

I’m Saffron, the Social Media Marketer & VA behind Miles Dean. I am a fun-loving, kinda introverted, ice coffee obsessed Pisces gal. I love yoga, crystals, manifesting and romanticising the little things. I’m all about business sustainability and genuine connections. When I’m not supporting badass female biz owners, you’ll find me curled up with a good book or rewatching one of my fav comfort shows.

+ Email, Instagram & Pinterest  Marketing 
+ Marketing Strategy & Execution
+ Slow Lead Generation

So who is apart of this dream team?

Ready to get started? 

You can reserve your VIP. Week right now with just a 10% deposit.



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